Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Half empty or half full?

I finished my Half-Olympic Prism socks on Sunday. They're called half-olympic, since I started them during the Ravelympics, and still had one sock to go and only one day to do it in. If I had a maid, cook and gardener, I might have managed it, but oh well!

They are looking pretty good, I must say.


I used Knit Picks Essentials, 2.75 mm needles. they feel great and fit me! YAY! A pair of socks I don't have to give away 'cause they're too small!

I'm quite glad for the new group on Ravelry, One Day for UFOs. I need to work on my Woodland shawl, which I'm a little bored with. I did a bunch last Thursday, and it made me feel so virtuous. I'm finishing up the second mitt of Echoes of Eden --- check out the pattern on http://www.ganiggle.com/. It's one of the prettiest mitt patterns I've seen. Ganiggle's other patterns are nice, too. Here's my mitt:



Anonymous said...

Wow, the leaves really look great in that yarn! I'm working my way slowly through the original Eden :D

Nano said...

Love those socks. Not sure if i said it before, but they're very dramatic.