Sunday, October 19, 2008

We're sewing DPN rolls!

Sinclairchili on Ravelry wanted a DPN roll .... here's my version!

And here are my instructions, so you can do one, too. Or two, too. Or whatever. This roll will fit either 6" or 7" DPNs. I'm going to do one for 8"-ers, but I'll do it in another post since I haven't gotten around to it yet.


Main fabric -- cut 17" X 19"

Lining -- cut 7.5" X 19"

Fusible interfacing -- cut 7.25" X 18.5"

Pocket fabric -- cut 9" X 19"

Ties -- Cut two pieces 1.5" X 16 " OR use grosgrain ribbon


RST = Right sides of fabric together

WST = Wrong sides of fabric together

All seam allowances are 1/2 inch.


1. Fuse interfacing to wrong side of lining fabric.

2. Sew lining to main fabric at the top seam, RST

3. Make ties -- take pieces and fold 1/4 inch or so on one short end, WST. Press in half, WST, along length of tie. Open it up, and then press the raw ends into the center. Fold in half lenthwise and press. Top stitch long open end together, and back up the other side just for symmetry's sake. I like to be symmetrical. It makes me happy. (no picture, you'll have to figure this one out on your own)

4. Fold pocket in half WST lengthwise and press -- measures 4.5" X 19". Pin pocket to bottom of lining, raw edges together. Baste if you're meticulous. Or not, if you're lazy like me.

5. Pin pocket/ lining raw edge to bottom of main fabric, RST.

6. Pin ties along one side, raw edges sticking out and the ties hanging inside. Make sure you pin it on the lining just above the end of the pocket. If you pin it between the pocket and the lining, you've screwed up and will have to frog it. I speak from experience.

7.. Sew around three open sides, leaving an opening to turn. Go over tie a few more times for strength.

8. Press well, then topstitch all around, close to the edge. You can aslo topstitch a second time, a little away fron the edge stitching if you wish. I did it on three sides, not along the bottom, since I didn't want to take depth away from the pocket.

9. Stitch pocket separations. Starting fron the left, I did five 3/4" pockets, 6 1" pockets, and four 1.25" pockets. The last one is a little smaller, but oh well, it's fine. I don't care.

I'll post measurements for a roll for 8" needles later, when I get around to it.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Maybe sometime when I'm feeling brave, I'll try to make a taller one for some straights! (Even though I hardly ever use them...) :)I'll probably mess up though.

Nano said...

Hiw'd I miss this before? Anyway great job on the tutorial. Love your roll.. needle roll that is.

Nano said...

Um.. me again correcting my typo.
Hiw'd = How'd

Thank you very much. LOL.