Sunday, May 31, 2009

Graduation Quilts

If we are lucky, our lives are touched by special young people, and we take great joy in their accomplishments and achievements. There are also special landmarks in their lives -- one such being graduation from high school. It's the end of childhood, and the almost-beginning of their adulthood. Since I am a quilter, it's inevitable that I choose to commemorate these occasions with a quilt.

This year marks the end of my youngest daughter's high school experience. So of course she gets a quilt! Then there are two very good friends of hers that I love dearly -- they each need a quilt, too. And a very special young lady who lives across the street deserves one as well. And huzzah! I did it! Four quilts all ready for their recipients! Well, almost.....

The first one was for Becca. The color choice was extremely easy. Purple. Period. I came across a pattern for a flower design -- perfect for a scrappy purple quilt. Considering the fact that her family runs a greenhouse, this was a no brainer!

It was more of a challenge picking one for Chrissy. Chrissy is a bit of a tomboy, and is an artist and a science-brain, which is quite an interesting combination. I consulted my daughter Betsy (Chrissy is her friend, after all!) and we decided Blue was the color of choice. Betsy helped me pick out some fabric for the border, and we decided to keep it blue and white, also scrappy. I used a pattern from the book by Karla Alexander, ''New Cuts for New Quilts''. Her ''Stack the Deck'' method is a really fun technique to use, and makes an interesting scrap quilt. Here's Chrissy's quilt:

Elizabeth, the girl across the street was the third quilt, mainly because I couldn't settle on a pattern. I've know her since she was three years old! I had some pretty blue batik in a butterfly print, and opted for a simple star design...

And last, but certainly not least, my daughter Betsy's quilt! I asked her what color she wanted, and she chose a scrappy quilt, too. I asked her to pick the background color, and she chose a mustard-gold. I found the most perfect fabric -- it was a print that looked like a map. Just right for someone leaving home for college in the fall! I had help with this quilt -- it's a tradition in my quilt group to help each other when our kids graduate from high school. So everybody made some blocks and I put it all together. I just love the way it came out, and I hope she likes it, too.