Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Manly Quilt

Every year for Christmas, I'm stumped with what to get for my husband. He's a dear man, and I love him very much, but he's almost impossible to buy for. He always ends up returning what I buy. One year, I got him the EXACT saw he wanted, and he STILL took it back!

We each have flannel lap quilts -- they are nice to snuggle up with when watching TV. He's often commented on his quilt, wishing it was long enough to go over his head when he's napping. Since his current quilt is showing signs of wear, I decided to make him a new one....

The block is a simple Monkey Wrench block, done in scrappy many colored fabrics, from the book Hooked on Triangles: 19 Quilts for Foundation Piecing by Kristin Bergljot Johannessen and Turid Margaret Uren.

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Tracy said...

Very nice! good job! I hope he likes it.