Friday, January 22, 2010

Bead It!

Cabochons are my favorite type of jewelry project to work with. I think the embellishment with seed beads really appeals to me -- the embroidery-like stitches satisfies the fiber person in me. The technique is not as difficult as it looks. I think the hard part is deciding what colors of beads to use to complement the cabochon.

I had worked on this piece several months ago, and ended up putting it away. It seemed like I couldn't find just the the right combo to suit me. I pulled it out again last week, when my beady buddies came over to play, and got inspired. Here's my finished piece...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Scarves are better than shawls...

Shawls are so pretty! I am in awe of some of the beautiful lacy ones that my Ravelry friends have knitted. I made one, and it drove me nuts. It came out fine, but I got so bored in the middle, I despaired of ever finishing it. And I've never worn it!

A scarf is much more practical for me. It's quicker to knit, and I will wear a scarf. My friend Erin showed me the shop sample of Multnomah when we were knitting at our LYS, and I really liked it. One skein of sock yarn? I could do that!


Here is a close up of the lace border.


It's a very quick knit compared to my other shawl. And it's great to be able to use just one skein of sock yarn. And I have actually worn it!