Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Thanks to prodding from Sonny Boy ("Mom, could you make a case for my Kindle?") and after three failed prototypes (what's the matter with me, it's really not that hard) I have come up with a nice case for a Kindle that does not cost $35 +. Can't help it, I'm cheap.

This is an envelope style that you can slip your Kindle into. I made two sizes, one for the Kindle alone (which Sonny Boy has) and one that would fit mine, which has a skin and is just a wee bit larger. I used two quilted layers to provide a little more cushioning, so that it will be protected if you throw it in a purse or briefcase. It will not stand up to a nuclear attack, but in that case, your Kindle will be the least of your worries.

10" X 16 " of outer fabric, lining, and 2 pieces of batting
5" piece of velcro to coordinate with outer fabric

1. Quilt outer fabric to one piece of batting. Quilt the lining fabric to the other piece of batting. I use a random stipple, but you could do whatever floats your boat.

2. For the Kindle without the skin, trim outer fabric to 9" X 15". Trim lining a hair smaller -- like 8-7/8" X 14-7/8". This will help the lining to turn under better, so it doesn't peek out to the right side.

3. For the Kindle with a skin, trim the outer quilted fabric to 9.5" X 15.5", and the quilted lining to 9-3/8" X 15-3/8".

4. If you trim the batting away from the corners on all pieces, it will make nicer corners, since there won't be so much bulk. I just separate the batting from the fabric, and remove stitches if necessary. I then just cut off a little corner triangle a little past where you will turn the corner when stitching.

5. With right sides together, stitch all the way around using a 1/4" seam. And yes, of course you must leave an opening to turn right sides out. I placed this on one of the short sides.

6. Turn right sides out and PRESS PRESS PRESS. Then stitch all the way around close to the edge. Be careful over the opening, and make sure your edges are turned under even and nice and you won't need to do any hand sewing.

7. Position the soft loop side of the velcro on the lining top flap, something like 1/2" from the edge and centered. Stitch it to the flap.

8. The hook side of the velcro will go on the outer side. Fold your pocket about 5" up and slip your kindle in to see where the best placement will be. Be careful with any pinning since your Kindle is inside and you don't want to scratch it. Stitch.

9. With the pocket folded up 5" and right sides out, stitch the pocket through all layers. Do some extra back and forth stitching at the top since this will be stressed the most. You probably don't want to have to mend this. There are other things to do besides mending if you can help it.

Huzzah! You're done. Throw your kindle into your bag. Or go read an e-book.

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Amy @ Kindle Cases said...

Thank you for this, Snapper Knits.

I love the step-by-step procedure you drafted here. I gotta try making one of these rather than buying a manufactured kindle case.

I featured this procedure on my blog: Make Your Own Kindle Case

Amy @ Kindle Cases