Wednesday, July 25, 2012


It all started with a graduation gift for Stephanie.  I wanted to give her a little "Happy" to celebrate, and thought she'd like some fingerless mitts.  I looked for patterns, but couldn't find anything that suited.  So, what to do?  Of course, design your own!

So I came up with one design.  Then another, and another.  Five patterns later, I found I had enough to publish an E-book collection.  Thus was born Anyplace Lace Mitts, which can be found for sale on Ravelry.  The patterns can also be purchased individually as well as in a collection.

I am quite pleased with the mitts.  Many thanks to my testers, Ravelry friends Psst, JenDeJour, Peachesforever, OPKnitter, NestingPhoenix, Mintsauce, Narapoia, RMSheffler, KnittyBron and Corvidae!

Monday, June 11, 2012


SPOILER ALERT!  For those of you in my quilt group, there will be pictures here!  SO if you want to be surprised at our grand reveal, read no further.  You know all of this anyway....                                   

I belong to a wonderful quilt group.  It's small, maybe 15 or so, and we are all really good friends.  We do a lot of projects, but I think our weekly meetings mostly involve food!  We have done several group proects over the years, and earlier this spring decided we needed to do another Quilt-in-a-Box.  This is our fourth, and I think we all enjoy them.

Here's how it works:  You find a bunch of fabrics you like.  You choose a main, or focus fabric if you want, find others that go along with them and put them in a box.  You can also include any instructions you'd like, such as fabric swatches, what to use as a background, if there are any you want to be used sparingly, etc.  We also have a list of participants that go on the cover.  Your name is highlighted, so everyone knows it's your box.  Here are some of my fabrics.  The print one is my focus fabric, and the light one will be my background.  I also have a blue, a green, and a dark brown which aren't shown here.

The next step is to choose the block you want to do.  The one I chose is called Maltese Star.  Sometimes you pick a name you like, with something of meaning to you, or to your friends.  This time I decided I wasn't going to agonize over my choice and chose the first one I came to that I liked!  I then drew a little sketch of all the pieces I'd need, just to make my life easier down the road.

I then went ahead and made my block out of the fabrics I chose, just to test it to make SURE everything worked OK and I really did like the finished block.  Here is mine:

I kept my block, and my box was ready to be passed on to someone else who would make the block SHE chose out of my fabrics.  I would get someone else's box of fabrics and make MY block for her (and cross my name off the list on the cover).  Here are some others I did:


I made the Maltese Star out of each of their fabrics.  I kept all the blocks, so it will be a surprise at the end, and passed the boxes along to the others in the group.  Here are all 16 of the blocks I did, ready for the Grand Reveal.  We will get together to swap our blocks, and I'm sure there will be food involved, too.  I will put up the block out of my own fabric, and everyone will put up the blocks that they made.  So I will end up with a sampler quilt made of 16 different blocks, all made out of the fabric I chose!

I will post a picture of my blocks when we are done.  I am the first to finish I think, but there's no deadline.  We're easy.  No stress, just fun!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

NEW IPad Cover Tutorial

I am the proud owner of a new IPad! I've lusted after one for a while, but finally took the plunge when the new ones came out. Of course, one needs accessories, and being the creative (and frugal) person I am, I decided to make a cover.

I did get a smart cover, which I really like. It protects and cushions the screen nicely. And it's even a pretty blue. I thought it would be good to have a simple envelope to slip it in for a little more protection if I put it in my purse or bag.

2 coordinating fat quarters for outer fabric and lining.
2 pieces of batting, about 13 " X 18 " each
Fusible interfacing for pen pocket, 10" X 2.5"

12.5" X 17.5 " from outer and lining fabrics
10" X 2.5" for optional pen pocket, from outer fabric
10" X 2.5" interfacing

INSTRUCTIONS: (all seam allowances are 1/4" unless otherwise stated)
1. Layer outer fabric over a piece of batting. Quilt together. I used a random pattern, but you can do whatever you like. Repeat with lining fabric and second piece of batting.

2. Trim quilted outer fabric to 11.25" X 16.5". On the corners, cut a small triangle off from the BATTING ONLY. This will reduce the bulk in the corners.

3. Trim quilted lining fabric a little smaller than the outer, to 11 1/8 " X 16 3/8". On the corners, cut a small triangle off from the BATTING ONLY. This will reduce the bulk in the corners.

4. Apply fusible interfacing to the WRONG side of the pocket fabric. Fold it in half lengthwise with right sides together (so it measures 5" X 2.5"), and sew down each of the long sides. Turn right side out and press.

5. Place the raw edge of the pocket on top of the outer fabric as shown in the picture. The right side of the pocket will be 3.25" in from the bottom right corner of the cover, and 3.25" up from the bottom. Stitch 1/4 inch from the raw edge through all layers.

6. Press pocket up, hiding the raw edge. Stitch around the three sides, close to the edge, reinforcing the top by sewing back and forth a few times.

7. Lay outer fabric over the lining, right sides together, and stitch around all sides, leaving a small opening to turn right sides out. I place this so it will be on the back side of the case.

8. After turning right sides out, press, press, press! You can sew the opening closed, but I just pressed this well, and sewed it when I sewed the case together.

9. Fold the case in half, and stitch the sides close to the edge through al layers.

I liked using batting on both the outer fabric and the lining, since it provides a little more cushioning. I used a cotton batting since it was what I had laying around. Pre-quilted fabric may work -- if you use fabric with only one side with fabric, you could do it like I did, but if you use stuff with fabric on both sides of the batting, you may have to fool around with binding.

You may decide you need a flap, or an elastic closure of some sort. You get to figure it out! I'm sure it will look fine and suit you, like mine suits me.

Happy Ipad-ing!