Monday, June 11, 2012


SPOILER ALERT!  For those of you in my quilt group, there will be pictures here!  SO if you want to be surprised at our grand reveal, read no further.  You know all of this anyway....                                   

I belong to a wonderful quilt group.  It's small, maybe 15 or so, and we are all really good friends.  We do a lot of projects, but I think our weekly meetings mostly involve food!  We have done several group proects over the years, and earlier this spring decided we needed to do another Quilt-in-a-Box.  This is our fourth, and I think we all enjoy them.

Here's how it works:  You find a bunch of fabrics you like.  You choose a main, or focus fabric if you want, find others that go along with them and put them in a box.  You can also include any instructions you'd like, such as fabric swatches, what to use as a background, if there are any you want to be used sparingly, etc.  We also have a list of participants that go on the cover.  Your name is highlighted, so everyone knows it's your box.  Here are some of my fabrics.  The print one is my focus fabric, and the light one will be my background.  I also have a blue, a green, and a dark brown which aren't shown here.

The next step is to choose the block you want to do.  The one I chose is called Maltese Star.  Sometimes you pick a name you like, with something of meaning to you, or to your friends.  This time I decided I wasn't going to agonize over my choice and chose the first one I came to that I liked!  I then drew a little sketch of all the pieces I'd need, just to make my life easier down the road.

I then went ahead and made my block out of the fabrics I chose, just to test it to make SURE everything worked OK and I really did like the finished block.  Here is mine:

I kept my block, and my box was ready to be passed on to someone else who would make the block SHE chose out of my fabrics.  I would get someone else's box of fabrics and make MY block for her (and cross my name off the list on the cover).  Here are some others I did:


I made the Maltese Star out of each of their fabrics.  I kept all the blocks, so it will be a surprise at the end, and passed the boxes along to the others in the group.  Here are all 16 of the blocks I did, ready for the Grand Reveal.  We will get together to swap our blocks, and I'm sure there will be food involved, too.  I will put up the block out of my own fabric, and everyone will put up the blocks that they made.  So I will end up with a sampler quilt made of 16 different blocks, all made out of the fabric I chose!

I will post a picture of my blocks when we are done.  I am the first to finish I think, but there's no deadline.  We're easy.  No stress, just fun!

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