Wednesday, July 25, 2012


It all started with a graduation gift for Stephanie.  I wanted to give her a little "Happy" to celebrate, and thought she'd like some fingerless mitts.  I looked for patterns, but couldn't find anything that suited.  So, what to do?  Of course, design your own!

So I came up with one design.  Then another, and another.  Five patterns later, I found I had enough to publish an E-book collection.  Thus was born Anyplace Lace Mitts, which can be found for sale on Ravelry.  The patterns can also be purchased individually as well as in a collection.

I am quite pleased with the mitts.  Many thanks to my testers, Ravelry friends Psst, JenDeJour, Peachesforever, OPKnitter, NestingPhoenix, Mintsauce, Narapoia, RMSheffler, KnittyBron and Corvidae!

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